About Atrielle

Atrielle grew up with psychic abilities and ability to see beyond the veil. As a child she immersed herself in the world of witchcraft, the unseen worlds, spirit communication and symbology. By the age of 28, she was ready to take this to the next level as a career and soul mission on Planet Earth. She is a Star-Seed from the Cat’s Eye Nebula. She also had very prominent lives as an Arcturian. She is an ancient soul from the time before the Milky Way Galaxy and carries the Sophianic Mother Dragon Codes for the liberation of planet Earth and Humanity. She feels a true connection to the Krystal Kingdoms in a parallel universe.

She began her career journey after many years of connections with Ascended Masters, Arcturians, Odin, Merlin, Dragons, Tiamat, Sophia and the Mother Mary Grail Lines and much more. This is the resonant connection to all life in the purity of spirit and the White Diamond Christos Light. This allows the ability of shapeshifting to any form in the Astral Plane. She then went through secret school mentorship programs and studied in Integrated Energy Therapy where she became a practitioner and Master Instructor offering all classes and certification courses for those who wish to simply learn or be practitioners themselves. This developed her abilities through the use of the Violet Ray. 

Her psychic healing sessions are a connection to the akashic records of the individual. Releasing blockages and allowing for that person’s higher self to communicate pertinent information for the soul’s development and incarnation. It is a setting free of old ties. In these sessions there are removals of hex’s, chords, hooks, and succubus entities feeding on the life force. As blocks are cleared in the energetic channels along the meridians in association with the human emotion connection, many visions and messages come through. Each session is very individual and often potent and powerful. Light Language is used to activate the DNA. 

She teaches Magick manifestation for those who are ready to carry the torch of enlightenment and embody ancient wisdom. Maps and Keys to the Krystal Kingdoms Psychic Mentorship Course is a means to give people their power back in a disempowering societal structure. This course is part of the path of the true initiate.

She also offers healing technologies such as the Rife Resonant Frequency machine that works remotely and in person. This is very good for assisting with ailments, detoxing, and amplifying spiritual abilities. There are over 54, 000 protocols that can be used. If you can think of it, it is likely do-able with this non-invasive healing technology. She also owns multiple Chi Machines that one can be linked to in order to assist in life force energy flow and manifestation.

Live Your Cosmic Truth