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Client Review

"I’ve worked with multiple healers and energy healing modalities over the past few years, but my sessions with Atrielle have been some of the most transformative. She has been able to reach into my blind spot to bring some of the deepest layers to the surface for healing. During our sessions she found symbols and missing puzzle pieces to trigger memories from past lives and helped me to release ancient wounds so I could move forward on my ascension path. Atrielle is very professional and so comfortable to work with. I would highly recommend working with her if you are looking for a powerful psychic healer and mentor to help you along your ascension path."

Cole Marie, Minneapolis, MN

"Atrielle holds ancient key codes connected to the earth and the original human blue print and is able to facilitate deep unconscious wounds and divine codes within her clients that simultaneously brings balance and ascension activation to the next divine level.From a personal perspective, Atrielle is also the most kind, loving, and caring divine woman who genuinely cares for all human beings and Mother Earth! She is the embodiment of the DIvine Mother in all of her beautiful and magical forms.I personally have never in the past experienced the magical healing session she led for me where she facilitated deep healing and then brought up akashic records and codes within me that brought balance and were important for me to witness for my spiritual growth.Atrielle is truly the "real deal" when it comes to being an authentically trustworthy and loving spiritual leader to work with on one's sacred ascension journey."Toni Strauja